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Designing & Planning

We can generate designs for all types of air conditioning systems ranging Split Air conditioner, Cassette Air conditioner, Floor standing Air conditioner, Ductable Air conditioning unit, VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system and Centralized chiller system.

We take into consideration environmental and efficiency issues and actively encourage our clients to use the latest products, to save money on operating costs.

Using the latest software, technical skills and experience our in house design team can provide an in depth solution for all your HVAC needs.

We do all type of Air Conditioning

VRV System

VRV Air conditioning system comprises an efficient multi room air conditioning system that is suitable for residential and commercial projects that have limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling for ducted air conditioning.

VRV systems are also popular with customers who want to be able to control each room individually via separate controls, to select different temperatures and different timers for each room.

This not only optimizes comfort but saves on running costs by only heating or cooling rooms as required.

Ducted Air Conditioning

This is a system that is virtually silent, almost invisible and delivers comfort all year round. esthetically ceiling vents and a remote control are the only way you’ll know it’s there. This system puts large volume of cool or warm air precisely where you need it.

Cassette Air Conditioner

The unique Round flow Cassettes allow for 360-degree airflow & the Daikin Wall Mounts, with their modern discreet look, work well within the application.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling

In our area that have hot, dry summers, Ducted Evaporative Cooling sets the benchmark for efficiency – no other alternative costs as little to run. Ducted Evaporative Cooling is also the perfect system for who prefer open windows and fresh air. In fact, it works best with windows open, so there’s no need to feel ‘closed in’ during summer simply because you have the cooling system running.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling consists of a head unit mounted to the roof or outside wall. Today’s head units are often low profile and unobtrusive. The head unit fan sucks large volumes of air through water saturated filter pads, creating fresh cool clean air. They are connected to ducts in the ceiling space that feed vents in the ceiling inside the rooms.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling is significantly cheaper to install (up to 50-70 percent!) than refrigerated systems and also as much as 7-8 times cheaper to run – good for your budget and kind to the environment, too.

And because fresh air is constantly brought into your home (rather than the same air being recirculated over and over) Ducted Evaporative Cooling is the healthiest choice.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

We do designing and project of commercial kitchen ventilation and air cooling along with ducting.

As ventilation is the single most important factor in the design, construction and operation of commercial kitchens. Without adequate ventilation and an ample supply of clean makeup air, no kitchen will operate efficiently. The amount of ventilation required in a particular cooking area depends on various factors: the type of product(s) being cooked, the structure which houses the cooking area, the type of equipment used.